Category Name Room Fees Availa
Standard Note
Wagon amp Display room 530yen
Wagon amp Music studio 1 200 en ※Per hour
Wagon amp Study room 1 490yen
PA kit Music studio 1 120yen ※Per hour
PA kit Nigiwai Hiroba(outdoor open space) 390yen
Stage sound system Main speaker Multi hall 7,800yen
Mobile side speaker Multi hall 4,500yen
Ceiling speaker Multi hall 1,700yen
Recording kit Multi hall/ Operating room 350 en
Easily operatable wagon Multi hall 520yen
Wireless microphone kit Multi hall 180yen 6 wireless microphones
Reverberation speaker Multi hall 30yen 4 With stand
Floor monitor speaker Multi hall 30yen 4
Stage video system DLP Projector Multi hall/ Operation room 1,900yen 1 10600lm 
Video equipment wagon Multi hall/ Operation room 540yen
Video system Projector Display hall 110yen 4000lm
Ceiling projector Music studio 1 190yen 4500lm 
Portable projector City information station 70yen 3000lm
Shot distance projector Study rooms 60yen 3000lm
Portable wireless amp City information station 30yen Wireless microphone
Screen City information station/
Study rooms
40yen 100 inch
Stage lighting Stage lights Multi hall 5,700yen
Stage lighting Front seat lights Multi hall 2,000yen
Stage lighting Middle seat lights Multi hall 3,400yen
Stage lighting Back seat lights Multi hall 1,700yen
Stage lighting Remote pin spot light Multi hall 420yen One set of two
Stage lighting Side light Multi hall 830yen
Stage lighting Spot light Multi hall 60 en With a tripod
Stage lighting Strip light Multi hall 50yen 12
Lighting system Roll back chairs Multi hall 2,100 en 247seats (19seats
13 rows)
Lighting system Floor system Multi hall 1,500yen Width 10m
depth 5m
Indoor stage deck Multi hall/ display hall 110 yen/
28 910×1830 H=600
Dance panels Multi hall 40 yen/
81 1220×1220
Acting platforms Multi hall 70 yen/
Others Lecture related Lecturing stage Multi hall/ display hall 290yen
Hosting stage Multi hall/ display hall 90yen
Flower stands Multi hall/ display hall 30yen
Indoor Conference tables Multi hall/ display hall 20yen 88 1800×450
Indoor conference chairs Multi hall/ display hall 10yen 260
Display related Display panels with casters Display hall/ Gallery/
Open space
30 en 10 Punching panel W830×H1640
Display panels with stands Display hall/ Gallery/
Open space
30yen 30 Punching panel W860×H1760
Cross Panel W1160×H1760
White cloth Display hall/ Gallery/
Open space
300yen 100 the fee is same at Calutural hall and Alve
Music related Concert grand piano Multi hall/ Piano room 7,400 yen With chair
 〃 3,000 yen ※Per hour
Grand piano Multi hall/ Piano room 900yen With chair
 〃 360yen ※Per hour
Instrumental kit 1 Music studio 2 480yen Go to the
floor guide
※Per hour
Instrumental kit 2 Music studio 3 500yen Go to the
floor guide
※Per hour
Sound reflector Multi hall 250 en
Various events Outdoor long table Nigiwai Hiroba (outdoor open space) 10yen 120 1800mm
Outdoor folding chairs Nigiwai Hiroba (outdoor open space) 10yen 480
Outdoor stage deck Nigiwai Hiroba (outdoor open space) 4,700yen 1  W12.2m x D6.1m

Free rental equipment

Category Name Room Availability Standard Note
Mobile video and sound system 1 City information station
PA table Operation room
Headset communication equipment
Multi hall/ Operation room
Air monitor microphone Multi hall
Microphone stand Multi hall Floor stand
Microphone stand Multi hall Table stand
Microphone stand Multi hall 12 Boom
Microphone standド Multi hall Boom(Low)
Microphone cables Multi hall
16ch mulch cables Multi hall 5m=2本
16ch mulch box Multi hall In combination with microphone cables and 16ch multibox
Speaker cables Multi hall For speakers
Convert cables Multi hall
Fader box Multi hall
Para box Multi hall

Relay adapter Multi hall For speaker cables
Headset Multi hall/
operation room
Mobile monitor speaker Operation room
Cable protector Multi hall L=1m
Portable memory audio Music studio 4 and 5
CD/Radio/Tape player 館内共通
CD/カセットデッキ 館内共通
Double tape player 館内共通
Lighting Remote spot operation table Multi hall/ Operation room
Lighting operation table Multi hall/ Operation room
Stage operation tabl Multi hall
Extension cables Multi hall
Covert cables Multi hall
Junction cables Multi hall
Cable protector Multi hall 21 L=1m
Color filters Multi hall
Stage curtain system Multi hall For stage curtains
Fly system
Foldable music stands 共通 20
Conductor kit
(Platform/ Chair/ Music stand)
Multi hall/ Music studio 1
Conductor platform Multi hall/ Music studio 1
Music stands Multi hall/ Music studio 1/Outdoor open space 60
Conductor chair Multi hall/ Music studio 1/Outdoor open space 60
Rolling foothold Nigiwai Hiroba
(Outdoor open space)
Working floor 3640
For operation and maintenance
Belt-reel partition 共通
Color sone Nigiwai Hiroba
(Outdoor open space)
Cable protector Nigiwai Hiroba (
Outdoor open space)
Stacking chairs Music studio 1 50