Café Lounge 1/1

Café Lounge

Assumptive use

  • For your refreshment and relaxation


40 people


Lunch (AM11:30~PM2:00 incl. Coffee or oolong tea)

Today’s Lunch option A (With soup) ¥800

Curry (served with soup and salad. Our curries are al spicy)

Nakaichi Curry ¥700

Pasta (served with soup and salad)

Creamy prawn sauce pasta ¥880
Caponata with colorful vegetables ¥880


Cheese pizza ¥800
Cheese pizza with a drink (Cola or oolong tea) ¥980


Mixed nuts ¥300
Andean potate and flied cheese ¥600
Beautiful tomatoes pickled in sweet vinegar ¥480


Cake set (coffee or tea) ¥680
Cafe glace (Coffee jerry with vanila ice cream and whiped cream on the top) ¥480
Cream and Anmitsu ¥630


Blended Coffee ¥400
Tea ¥480
Coco ¥480
Iced coffee ¥420
Iced Tea ¥450
Iced Coco ¥500
Cream Soda ¥400
Cola ¥300
Ginger Ale ¥300
Fruit juice of the day ¥480


Asahi Small Bottle ¥350
Asahi Medium Bottle ¥450
Asahi on tap ¥500
Asahi Non-alcoholic ¥350
Glass wine Red/White ¥500
Melon and yogurt ¥580
Strawberry yogurt ¥580
Gin and tonic ¥500
Shoyojurin (Maccha liqueor and oolong tea) ¥500
Salty dog (vodka and grapfruit juice) ¥500
Cacao and milk ¥500
Kahlua and milk ¥500