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List of questions

Is there a car park?

There are parking spaces on the 2nd floor to the 5th floor and the roof top area of Area Nakaichi Commercial Facility.
It’s free to use up to 30 minutes and the fee would be 100yen per hour.
You can access to the car park through the 2nd floor of Nigiwai Koryukan.

Is there a parking space for a heavy vehicle?

There is no parking for a heavy vehicle in the car park.
But if you require in advance we can give you information for a parking space in the area.

Can I bring large equipment in?

Yes. You can take large equipment inside from the service entrance.
However, we may not allow you to use any equipment if the equipment risks damage to the facility, or in the case that the equipment is bigger than the service entrance.

Where is the nearest bus stop?

There is a bus stop just across from Senshu Park. Also there is another bus stop on Chuo Dori (Chuo st.)

Is internet available?

There are LAN connections and WiFi points at several points inside the building.

Is it ok to smoke inside the facilities?

It is not allowed to smoke anywhere inside the facility.

Is it possible to take a look at the facilities before I rental?

You can take a look around any facilities when they are not in use. You can request availability, by making a phone call or filling an inquiry form online.

Will you advertize the event information that I organize?

We will consider putting information on our web site.

Is it ok to use catering or bring any food?

We do not have any contract with a particular catering service so you can use any caterer.

What happens when I go over time?

Between each time section are free to use for setting up/putting away
But if you go over the next time section, please inquire regarding additional fees.

Is it ok to sell products in the facility?

Please inquire in advance to sell any products in the facility.

Is there any copy machine?

There is a pay-copy machine available on the 1st floor.