Process of the application

When to apply

We accept reservations from 6 months before until the day before of use. We start taking reservations for the use of the gallery hall, the multi hall and Nigiwai Hiroba(outdoor open space), 1 year before the required date. You are required to book for those facilities at least 7 days before the day of use.

Business day

Nigiwai koryukan is open Sunday to Monday. However, we may be closed for building maintenance occasionally.


Facilities are open from 9AM to 12 PM.
However facilities are open until 11PM for people who are under 18 years old under the law of Akita prefecture.

How to apply


You are able to check the availability on our web site or by making a phone call.

Application for use of the facility

An application form is available at the information center in Nigiwai Koryukan. You are required to register at the information center to be able to apply to use the facility.

Application for use of equipment

You are required to apply to use any of the equipment at the information center. An application form is not available on the web site. If you need to rent additional equipment on the day, you can make a payment before or after the event.

Permission of use

We grant permission after the payment has been confirmed.

Alteration of use

If you need to modify what you applied for after permission was issued, please let us know of the alteration immediately.


If you cancel your reservation of the facility, after permission was granted, we do not re-fond the payment.
We may retract the permission when the event falls under the list below.



Restrictions and retraction of use

We may retract the permission when the event falls under the list below.


  • The event is recognized as out of the facility rules.
  • The event is recognized as out of moral or
  • The event is recognized to harm the third party.
  • The event is recognized to damage the facility.
  • If any members of the event are recognized as a member of a gang group
  • Or the event is recognized to be profitable for any gang groups.
  • If you violate rules
  • If you received the permission from inequitable conducts.
  • For any other reason that the event is recognized to obstruct the operation of Nigiwai koryukan or the event is inappropriate.

Retraction of use

  • If it is recognized to fall under any of reasons on the list above
  • When the payment is not made by the date of required use
  • When false information is found on the application form
  • If the applicant uses the facility for the any purpose different from that was permitted.
  • If the applicant uses any part of facility that wasn’t permitted to be used
  • If the applicant violates any of rules
  • In the case of any accident/incident


Prohibition of transfer or sublease of use

Transfer and sublease of use are both prohibited.



Rental Fees

Check here for fees

When to make the payment

You are required to pay fees in advance. You can pay at the information office or you can pay via bank transfer. (Bank transfer fees may be incurred)


Meeting and planning

Meeting with the management office

Please come to the management office to have a meeting concerning the following list beforehand.
For Nigiwai Hiroba/ Display hall/ Multi hall -At least 1 month prior to use
For other facilities – At least 2 weeks prior to use

  • Details of the event and schedule.
  • Operation plan and room layout.
  • Use of equipment, props telephone lines and electricity work.
  • Use of your own equipment or props.
  • Whether you eat/drink or not.

Present your plan

Please provide a presentation sheet if the event falls under the list below.

  • If you bring your own sound system, lighting equipment, video equipment or signs.
  • Exhibition, concert, stage performance or sales.
  • If you film or take pictures in the facility.
  • For any other reason that the management office deems it necessary.

Report to the competent authorities

You may be required to report to the competent authorities when you hold an event.


Usage and management responsibilities

  • Users are required to set up/put away the facilities/equipment following management orders.
  • User is responsible for any accident/incident that occurs during the event.
  • You are required to organize security services and other services to keep the event safe.
  • We do not receive any posting service on behalf of users. Also users are to be responsible for all equipment and props that are brought to the facility.
  • There is no rubbish in the facilities. Please take all rubbish with you when you leave.。
  • Users are required to secure and clean the facility.
  • You are required to put everything back in place after the event. And receive approval from the management office.
  • Please return everything you rent soon after the event.
  • If you damage or lose any of our equipment, you are liable for the replacement cost.


General disclaimer

The management office does not take any responsibility for any accident/incident that may occur.


Important note


The time of use includes the time taken for setting up and putting away all equipment. You can extend the time only if you have approval from the management office beforehand.

Usage of common space

Basically, you can only use the common space for reception use only.。

Carry in/out

Please hold a meeting regarding equipment, props and food that you bring to the facility.
(How to bring in/ how many cars.. etc.)

We may command to stop the operation if it is not following the operation plan.

You are prohibited to

  • Smoking
  • Bring any fire equipment
  • Use naked flames
  • Use taiko drums
  • Bring anything that carries a foul smell
  • Use the facilities for any other activity, other than that on your original application.
  • Move any equipment
  • Re-arrange display signs and posters.
  • Hand out leaflets or ask for donations
  • For any other reason that the management office recognizes it as an inappropriate action.